1.  Models make a lot of money

This is  not True, or not entirely, Models don't make enough money as to build a House, get Dream cars or even get to buy some expensive clothes they model, An average Runway model in Europe and America takes home between  $250 to $1,000, depending on the fashion designer or the status of the model. Some designers even pay their models in clothes instead of cash.
Top celebrity models or super Models as we call them, are distinguished because of their fame, and every brand wants to work with you as to get your fans to patronize or use your beauty to endear customers to themselves.
As a matter of fact, the models who make the chunk of the money are the cheesecake models, usually called the modern day Glamour models, Atmosphere models as far back as Marilyne Monroe, Kate Moss,Kim kardashian, jessica jane clement, to the world's best, Kelly Brook in US. To Nigerian's glamour models like Omotara Badmus,Beverly Osu etc Even the Supermodel Naomi Campbell made her first $1 million dollars as a Cheesecake (Models who are out to make money via all modeling avenues) model.
Modeling is fun, it exposes you to people and places, it creates self reliance and worth, it keeps you financially sufficient to take care of your immediate and few remote needs, but it doesn't Pay huge like most people dream.

2. Models are glorified clothes hangers.

Just last week i contacted Legendary productions, Lagos, to see how a few of my models can participate in the ROME FASHION WEEK happening in April, and i was informed that it will take our agency 600k per model to have them feature in the Runway show in rome for 6 days( flight, accomodation, tours and feeding inclusive), How many models have such money to invest in showcasing themselves in a global stage on such a prestigious Fashion Runway show in Rome? This is why some school of thought refers to Runway models as “human coat hangers.” In other words: Models are just modes of transportation for clothes they exhibit on the walkway?
This is partly True, as models who walk the runway also share the glory in making the garment, a product is as good as dead, without someone to patronize it, so Runway Models are not just Clothe hangers, but stakeholders in the fashion industry, as they even get paid 5 times the garments they wear most times.

3. Models Fight with one another

Funny, but True! Models fight one another alot, but this depends on personalities, a well courteous model, who have being groomed in the etiquettes of modeling, rarely have time to fight over the most flimpsy excuses.
Girls talk, Girls rarely stay at peace with each other, a girl just wants to be treated as the next girl.
You remember the Naomi Campbell and Tyra banks fight? Ella Macperson and Heidi Klum fight? is enough to make anyone think that the modeling industry is rife with bad behavior and bad people.

4. Models don’t eat.

Please i dont need to dwell on this more than necessary, Even Monks in the monastries eat, Models are to stay fit doesn't mean they shouldn't eat, Models should be very picky of what they consume,but shouldn't abstain from eating for no reason.

5. Models usually have Scandals

WT! Who doesn't? Everyone has a scandal, provided a secret has been let out in the public. How you manage your self and the information about you, keeps you afloat, You don't need to discuss everything you experience or you are being offered with the next person especially your modeling colleagues, Keep most information to yourself as a model, avoid discussing in detail how you make your money or get job slots, just like life is, no permanent friends.
Colleagues will spill your secrets when you start rising way faster than them, and may even misinform those who care to listen that you sleep around for jobs, etc. Let your modeling colleagues speculate, but don't let them know the true state of happenings around you.Only share what they can relate with, not privates.

Even one of the world's most acclaimed decent model, Petra Nemcova had a rumuored affair with Wyclef jean a few years ago, so you can't fight it.
As written by: The Chief represenative, DCA Afrika.
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