Men are not so concerned about style and elegance but one wardrobe item which men and women relate well with is a good quality "watch". While, we all love wearing designer outfits, investing in accessories like luxury watches work equally in improving our style quotient - for someone like me, I'd prefer not using a watch at all than buying a cheap one.
I am not a watch expert and I'm not saying you should drain your account cos of unimportant luxuries but one thing I know that is basic to improving your style is - investing in one or two timeless pieces.
This is because, what you wear is a reflection of your personal taste and the image you wish to project. Your unique sense of style for apparels and accessories convey a lot about your personality. In fact, it also plays a major role when we have to make a long-lasting impression in front of clients, colleagues and friends.
Now everyone has different preferences so it's essential to give careful thoughts before you make up your mind to invest in a luxury timepiece, you need to be aware of certain factors that can influence your selection for the better, you need to educate yourself on the pros and cons in other not to make mistakes and so many other tips to take note of:
Keep reading for the essential tips that would help you in selecting the right luxury watch:

1. Making It Suit Your Style

Luxury watches are essential accessories that can make you a trendsetter. So, why waste your precious time and money on watches which don’t fit in with your personality? Instead of buying any watch that is presented in front of you, why not buy a stylish luxury watch, which will not only make heads turn but also reflects your true personality! Watches are not just a functional piece – you need to enjoy wearing it too. There are various designs of luxury watches available online and at retail stores and you need to search the one which suits your individual style.

2. Educate Yourself

To make a sensible and practical wristwatch purchase – you have to research and learn more about watches. There is a whole industry built around horology – the science of making time pieces. Numerous websites and blogs offer the latest news on wristwatch designs, there is enough information on commercially available watches in forums created by watch-lovers. Even magazines like GQ and Esquire publish regular features on watches and advertise new and classic models.

3. Fit

The proportion on your wrist is key. If you have a big wrist/hand, you’ll want to look at bigger, stronger watch faces - too small (or too slim) and it can look dainty, delicate, and too formal for casual wear, too large (or complex) and it can look overly utilitarian and too casual for a sharp suit. Likewise for slimmer wrist/hand, a big wristwatch will make you look out of place especially on formal events.

4. Understand The True Value Of A Watch

It is more important to consider the value of a watch before discussing pricing. It is not how expensive your watch is that determines the value, it is more about the feeling of confidence you get while wearing your watch. A simple formula to assess the value of a watch is –
(Frequency Of Use × The Feelings Associated With Wearing It) ÷ The Price Of The Watch

5. Brand knowledge

One of the important things you need to do when deciding to invest in a luxury watch is to make a list of all the watch brands which have designs that match your individual style. For instance, I prefer the Daniel Wellington
watch which although less famous than many, feels and looks great on my wrist and depicts my flair for vintage and minimal style.

6. Movements

There are three basic ways that watches tell time:
Digital watches are powered by an ultra-small watch battery (the kind you usually see by the checkout counter in electronic stores). Quartz watches are analog timepieces that run on a tiny, vibrating, electrified quartz crystal. They keep extremely accurate time (within a minute each year). Finally, mechanical watches are powered by a complex array of gears and springs. These watches can command a hefty price as a result of their superior craftsmanship. Mechanical watches lose about an hour a year and must be wound regularly.
So choose the movement that suits your style preference and stick with it.


7. Reliable retailer

Whether you are buying the watch from a retail store or online, make sure to check about the dependability and reliability of the retailer. You must trust the person you are buying your watch from. This is crucial! No matter if it is from a large department store, small dealer, or individual person selling a pre-owned watch, you need to trust them. It’s wise to be wary of such retailers who sell the imitations in the name of the original styles. You need to be assured of the fact that a particular retailer deals only in original products. So, while it’s important to choose a retailer store which helps you in striking the most economical deal, the authenticity of watches cannot be compromised.

8. How Much to Spend

You should not spend more than your budget on a watch. If you can afford a lot for a new watch, then go for it, but if you are pushing yourself too much all for the sake of impressing, then have a serious rethink. They don’t call them luxury watches for nothing. What you should be looking for is value for your money - hence the need for research.
With these tips and your research skills, you don’t need to keep yourself away from the watch you always wanted. Why wait now when you know what steps to follow to flaunt that stylish luxury watch at your next special event.

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