'Light Skin Girl' singer explains why she changed Beyonce’s Song

Nigerian singer and songwriter Maj, who did a cover on Beyonce's song Brown Skin Girl has spoken out on what influenced her decision - Maj whose remix is titled Light Skinned Girls, revealed she did the song to connect all black girls and meant no disrespect - This is coming after she received major backlash on social media for doing her cover on the song Earlier on Maj, made her own cover of Beyonce's new song, Brown Skin Girl. Maj made the song to celebrate light skinned ladies after feeling the track ignored them. Following the backlash she received on social media for what most considered an unnecessary remix of the now viral song, Maj has spoken out about what motivated to do the remix which she calls, Light Skinned Girls. Speaking with BET Digital, Maj revealed she meant no harm by giving the lyrics her own personal twist. In her words: “My inspiration for remaking Brown Skin Girl was to connect all of us black women through this song by including our more fair skinned sisters.” READ ALSO: US rapper Chief Keef reportedly expecting 10th child from 10th baby mama at 23 She continued: "My intent was all about inclusion. I have great respect for Beyoncé and the message that she conveyed through the lyrics of this song, and I just wanted to feel more connected to the message and wanted others to feel the same. 

I truly feel we all should be proud of ourselves as melanated women and my goal was to share the spirit of that pride.” 

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