Nigerian Foods :Fried rice recipe and goat meat.

Fried rice and goat meat.
RECIPE (my method)
•Tatashe (red bell pepper)
•Garlic and ginger
•Tin tomatoes
•Bay leaves
•Adobo all purpose seasoning
•Jollof rice spices (optional)
•Crayfish for the party jollof taste
•Nutmeg for the party jollof taste
•Boil meat with blended fresh pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, salt and seasoning of your choice ( I used curry, thyme, adobo all purpose seasoning powder, salt and nutmeg)
•Blend tomatoes, tatashe, pepper and onions
•Boil to dry out water
•Heat small amount of vegetable oil
•Chop onions and fry
•Add to tomatoes, add tin tomatoes, seasoning and stir fry until oil comes up
•Per boil rice and wash or wash and soak with hot water for some minutes ( your choice)
•Add rice to tomatoes, add meat stock, seasoning, bay leaf, small amount of blended crayfish, bay leaves, butter and jollof rice spices (optional)
•Cook rice. When water dries out and rice isn’t cooked properly

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