BBNaija ; I Blamed Myself For Tacha's Disqualification From BBNaija - Mercy Says.

Mercy says she regrets the whole fight that led to Tacha's disqualifcation from the show
Yes I did. I was blaming myself. All the housemates can testify, they were the ones that said no, it wasn't your fault. It was bound to happen because I was like this girl I eally wanted her in the finals and I have said it a couple of times in the diary room if I am asked who do I want to see in the finals, Tacha is always in my Top 5. So knowing that it was because of me that she got disqualified, it was a hard moment for me.
Asked if there is still hope for a friendship despite all that happened between them, Mercy said
Yes, if she is open. I regret whatever happened but she is still a nice person.

as usual fans reactions :

Mikobi Woluchem

Mercy I like you for that,you are really showing an example of sisterhood. Let's give peace a chance.
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Naango Ya Shanigwa

Mercy yu have nothing to be blamed , she was suppose to control her self ,
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Judy Pondayi

Her regrets mean nothing now,she make her disqualified and take the title so plz keep quiet and enjoy that earthly things that will not last forever
16LikeReactReplyMoreYesterday at 10:17 AM

Mavee Hunter

Mercy don't worry,it was long overdue! Her attitude and behavior was weird since day 1,she did hurt me most when she belittled FROOD,demeaned everybody in the house
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Gift Ben-iwo Bkacy

Blaming urself as in how mercy?u think itz easy to condone such a disrespectful act even wen u re trying to be calm?bringing such to me,i would ve done d worst,wen it is up to ma baby chill,u dont have to blame urself plz.
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Tuyeny Katjiua

I love u Mercy
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Sha Sha

Better make peace with Tacha,that fight could have ended peacefully without body contact,but Mercy kept moving into contact with Tacha,both facial,body,and with her hair ... Mercy won by strategy,but her conscience is killing her somehow ...
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Chrissie Adjei

Those are words from a peacemaker and a humble millionaire 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Chi Som

I love Lamborghini because of this😍her heart is so pure💝.
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Jennifer Awolowo

U did nothing my darling her attitude was bad so enjoy your new endorsement my queen of highlight
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