Health tips : 8 Amazing Benefits of Banana And Milk Diet

8 Amazing Benefits of Banana And Milk Diet

1. The Banana and Milk Diet
The idea of a banana and milk diet is to give the body enough energy without having to consume substantial calories. The diet constitutes 2 to 3 bananas along with one cupful of fat-free milk for each meal. The diet also requires you to consume lots and lots of water.
2. Weight Loss
According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal, banana and milk diet can help you lose weight in four weeks. To follow the diet, you have to eat four to six bananas and drink three to four glasses of milk every day for two weeks. In the next two weeks, you shall eat lean meat, fish, eggs and vegetables, but no fat or carbohydrates.
3. Low in Calories
An average banana has 80-100 calories while 1 cupful of skim milk gives you 70-90 calories. The calorie count after consumption of four bananas and 3 cupfuls of milk sums up to around 700-800 calories.
4. Rich in Nutrients
Bananas provide a variety of vitamins and minerals. Besides, you get enough potassium, dietary fibre, sugar, vitamin C and Vitamin B6 from bananas. You get all these nutrients in sufficient amounts which are vital for the normal functioning of the body.
5. No Fats
The combination of banana and milk put together provides the body ample doses of proteins, vitamins, fibres and minerals. However, there is no fat.
6. Steady Development of Bones and Muscles
The diet gives you enough calcium to help in the development and retention of bone strength. Moreover, you get proteins that are required for the development of the body's muscles.
7. Get Rid of Toxins
Bananas are good sources of dietary fiber. It plays a vital role in getting rid of toxins that accumulate in it. Moreover, fiber-rich diets have also been tied to lower risk of coronary heart diseases and diabetes
8. Keeps you Satiated
Only if you are able to curb hunger will you be able to lose weight and reach your goals. Laden with fiber, the banana and milk diet keeps you full for longer and gives you a satiated feeling.
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How to make it
Cut your banana into small piece inside a cup then add your milk, mix it together and eat...
Cut your banana into small piece, add milk and blend together to make a juice... Do not sieve...
Refrigerate and drink....

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