After you've gotten your necessary equipments ready, then get down to the preparation;
On here, I will be using 15litres of bucket/bowl for ease understanding
• Get your water on the fire to boil
• Get your 15litre bucket/bowl and a mixer (long kitchen if need be)
• Pour 2litres of cold water to dissolve your sugar of 800grams (as you want)
Note: You can also dissolve sugar with hot water, but don't dissolve milk with hot water, to avoid the yogurt having particles or lumps
• Then pour in your milk of 1.2kg (powered) and dissolve/mix vigorously to attain homogenized milk solution
Note: When you pour your milk, dissolve instantly, to avoid having lumps. the level would've increased after adding both.
• After that, add the boiled/hot water (7-8ltrs) and mix together thoroughly to enable heat treatment and homogenized milk solution.
Note: It allows the protein to form a more stable gel, preventing separation during storage.
• Then check the hotness/temperature with thermometer, at this time, the hotness would've risen to 85-90°c (to enable the milk solution cook) and leave for few minutes to enable creamery.
• Then cool down the milk to 42°c or 43 or 41°c. with cold/cool water, to bring the yogurt to the ideal growth temperature for the starter culture.
Note: complete the remaining litres in the bucket with cold water
• Now your milk/yoghurt solution is ready and ready to be inoculated (cultured)
• Then add your culture (2-3grams). Add by dissolving a small amount of culture with a milk/yoghurt solution in a small cup using table spoon, then pour it back.
• Then cover it tightly and place the bucket/bowl in a no-air corner, because yogurt needs heat to ferment.
• Then leave without a disturb for 8hrs or 12hrs if you want it to be more tangerine or bring out that source taste.
• After those hours, open it, and behold is your yogurt, but don't break it yet, as seen in the second picture.
• First add your preferred flavors or toppings to it and preservative (if you want to sell), then mix together lightly/mildly to avoid the yogurt turning watery I.e breaking the viscosity.
Now your Yogurt is ready! Chill if you want enjoy it more and serve.
You want to commercialise this? You can contact us to help you do the setup.

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