Nigerian Food : OGBONO SOUP with recipe


INGREDIENT: 100g Flour,1 Milk cup of ogbono, Stock fish, 2 smoked big catfish, Meats , Ponmo, 1 handful slice uguw leaves (optional), 30cl of palm oil, 2 tablespoon of grinded crayfish, 1 tablespoon of dry pepper
STEP 1 : Grind the ogbono and set it aside. Wash your catfish with salt and water and set it aside. Wash the stock fish and add hot water and also set aside. Boil your meats and season with, onions, season cubes and salt.
STEP 2 : Add the palm oil, stock fish, black fish, ponmo into the pot that contained the boiled meats and stir properly. Leave it on fire for like 3 minutes.
STEP 3 : Then add seasoning cubes, dry pepper, crayfish, salt and continue to stir for another 2 minutes, and then add the ogbono (Don’t cover the pot when ogbono is added). Continue to stir and add water bit by bit till the ogbono have fully dissolved in the soup.
STEP 4 : Add the ugwu leaves and mix properly. Then leave it for like 3 minutes with low heat. Your Ogbono soup is ready.

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