Sex or Love? Study shows men prefer romance. 9jatv

Everyone has a perception that men are always ready and waiting for a chance to get sexual attention. It also had been said that men simply don’t care about romance.

However, a recent study shows that men prefer romance to sex. What was discovered is that both men and women were unreservedly drawn to the romantic images over the sexual ones.
Similarly, high-level athletes are assumed to sexually active and prefer sex over romance. Surprisingly it is quite the opposite.
Love is the motivating factor behind desire. Men are no longer looking to simply procreate and move on; they want more meaningful, lasting relationships. Men are evolving creatures, and it makes sense that they too want romantic love as much as women do. Maybe women just need to take a few minutes to light the candles, shave the legs, break free from the flannels, put in a little effort, and stop expecting men to bark on command.
So, if you still think this is all bullshit, ask yourself these last three questions: Could your heart feel like it was going to stop beating if it lost a one-night stand? Would you pick up a gun and a vest and go to war for sex? Would you jump in front of train for it? If you answer “no” to these questions, then ask yourself, what would you do for love?

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