Nigerian food: Make your Boli Grilled plantain without a Grill or Oven


Do you know that you can make bole in your kitchen using the frying pan? 

1. Peel your ripe or unripe plantain.
2. Make those incisions with a knife.
3. Grease diligently with red oil.
4. Wrap in a foil.
5. Assemble them in a pan.. Any pan will do.

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6. Use a very low heat.
7. Allow to heat for 11mins.. Heat both sides.
8. Unwrap foil
9.The roasted plantain is ready to be served. Dip the roasted plantains in the pepper sauce to eat.
10. Wash it down with a chilled fruit drink.
11.Then go and take a nap because that's the only thing you want to do after this meal.


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