Can Arsenal's win against West Ham motivate them in the Europa League?

Picture :Freddie Ljungberg (Arsenal's interim manager) 

Can Arsenal's win Inspire them to win in the Europa league? 
     Finally Freddie Ljungberg, Arsenal's current interim manager, has lead Arsenal to their first win in more than 6 games  and against a resilient side such as West Ham,  In truth, in despair of the Arsenal fans I was not expecting this from them, what a surprise this win is,  I am sure this shocked the world,  and that they even managed to score 3 goals away from home, the perfect win was rounded off by *the person who scored the last goal**, in truth I was expecting a draw and nothing more. Something to cheer about for the Arsenal faithful.
   So what this article will focus on is positives for Arsenal from the match and the reactions of the fans. 
    Firstly after a dreadful start to the season (overall) picking 8 points from 12 matches including draws against Manchester united and watford, negativity started in the atmosphere, players performance started deppreciating, you could sense the need for a new reign, a new approach, but could Freddie Ljungberg deliver?? 

Also the incident with xhaka also contributed to the negative atmosphere,  but this win seem to have made all their stuffs of the past. Also draws against Brighton then followed by his loss in the Europa league put Emery to the axe. Undoubtedly he tried (Unai Emery), but the Arsenal board thought it right to move on and try a new approach. After his sack, so Freddie Ljungberg  was appointed as interim manager and almost had no effect, his first game ended in a disappointing result, loss in the subsequent week against minor opposition in the form of Brighton. The main attraction is Pepe's wonderful freekick goal. 
But Freddie Ljungberg First win from his probably 3rd match in charge seems to be getting things back on track. The mindset and mood of the Arsenal faithful has definitely been won at least by a little with the win against the hammers, the win has greatly increased the positivity, let's see if this is the beginning of a great era for Arsenal. This win currently takes them up to ninth on the premier league table 
Definitely the win is something to cheer about, What capped off the amazing win is that their record signing scored his first goals for the gunners in their win against West Ham yesterday,  we shall see how it goes on and keep you updated
 So as they as they face standard leige this Thursday, Freddie Ljungberg Will look to inspire his side to win,  let's see how it unfolds. 

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