Ethnic groups in Nigeria

1: Igbos; Igbos are well known for food recipes, rich culture, they are mainly found South-central and south eastern region of Nigeria.The Igbo language is a part of the Niger-Congo language family. It is divided into numerous regional dialects, and somewhat mutually intelligible with the larger "Igboid" cluster. The Igbo homeland straddles the lower Niger River, east and south of the Edoid and Idomoid groups, and west of the Ibibioid (Cross River) cluster, 90% of the Igbos are christians.In rural Nigeria, Igbo people work mostly as craftsmen, farmers and traders. The most important crop is the yam.Other staple crops include cassava.
The igbo people.

2: Fulanis; Fulanis are well known for good culture, good way of life.significant proportion of the Fula  are pastoralists, and their ethnic group has the largest nomadic pastoral community in the world. The majority of the Fula ethnic group consisted of semi-sedentary people as well as sedentary settled farmers, artisans, merchants, and nobility.As an ethnic group, they are bound together by the Fula language, More than 90% of the Fula are Muslims.

3: Edo; Edos are well known to be the most accient tribe in Nigeria.They are well known for accient arts.The Edo people are very strong in political power in accient world,most Edos are great dealers of palm and rubber production.
The Edo people.

4: Yorubas; Yoruba is an ethnic group bound together by Yoruba language, the tribe is known to be unique in dressing and way of life, the tribe can mainly be found in South West Nigeria.The people are mainly farmers in accient time.
The Yoruba people

5: Tiv; Tiv is an ethnic group bounded with the tivoid language, the tribe is well known for Agriculture produce and wild life, the tribe can mainly be found in Northern region in Nigeria.the tribe are really unique in culture and food recipes.
The Tiv people.

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