Nigeria news: Federal Government owes road contractors bills( Minister of works speaks out)

Babatunde Raji Fashola.
The Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola said, The Federal Government owes road contractors a sum of N306bn.
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Fashola said, “I heard you talk about tolling roads and bridges. Well, as you said, government is actually spending a lot of money on subsidising fuel. And that is a lot of money from government to spend on subsidy.“I would have loved that that money came to the Ministry of Works, but the numbers I was trying to get for you is that for over four years, between 2015 and 2018, the entire amount we got was not up to N1tn in actual cash in this ministry.”

Fashola also said “The budget, yes! But not all of the budget is funded. So if we had N1tn to spend on Nigerian roads we would be in a much better position. As of October, we were owing contractors N306bn and more bills are coming in and all we got was N73bn.”
He also showed his concern on limited resources available for infrastructure development, some persons were kicking against an increase in Value Added Tax, as proposed by the Federal Government.
He said, “And this is the country where some people are of the opinion that the government shouldn’t raise VAT.
“Some people are also of the opinion that government should not even borrow. So I think it is important for those of you here to also come out and take a position.”
Additionally,The minister told his guests that the Federal Government would introduce tolls on roads, but noted that this would happen when a clear policy on it had been finalised and made public.“When it is time to start; of course, we will articulate a clear policy for the information of Nigerians.

That is the much I will say about that,” he stated. He also said, The Government are trying their best on Federal roads nationwide.

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