Nigerian Student narates his ordeal with corrupt sars officials

A Nigerian student has shared with 9jainfohub TV media team, how he survived a traumatizing experience with sone corrupt SARS officers in his hood.

He wrote:
"So today I had to hangout with my friends to play FIFA, shoot and chill because most of us just got back from school. On my way to the place, my friend and I decided to order an UBER to save stress and all, So we got to Egbeda and there was little traffic caused by SARS officers.
As the car passed where they were, one of the SARS officers banged the hood of the car but the driver thought it was just a random hooligan and kept driving about 30 seconds later, we saw an officer (obviously SARS) hold up a gun in front of the car. Seems he entered a commercial bus behind the car to chase us after we left where they were before. He pointed the gun inside the car and another officer entered the car and started to search it looking for only God knows what, after the search he told the UBER driver to leave and forcefully told my friend and I to give him our phones and come with them into their SIENNA type car. Initially I was reluctant because I have heard stories about kidnappers who pose as officers of the law to carry out their evil plans but I was not ready to cast in the public. 
     So we got into their SIENNA, there were two other boys, one with dread and an iPHONE (most likely I his twenties) and another unidentified android phone (100% he’s still a teen). How they were looking seemed they had already gotten tortured and beaten up so badly.
  They asked what our profession was and we replied that we were just students so they threatened us that we better say the truth or we will sleep in cell. At this point, I had lost my respect for them and decided to clap back saying ‘ I am a fucking student’. They were shocked, and I was feeling myself until one said put them in handcuffs, I wanted to start crying but I stood my ground, you all should bear in mind that we were on motion driving to no particular destination. They we were asked to unlock our phones or they will cuff us. My cousin had once told me that no officer has the right to check any citizen phone but seems one of my human right was about being violated. I wasted no time in unlocking the phone, and the officers said ‘if una get hangout for this phone you go settle am in court’. In my mind I was relieved that I am clean, I am not a fraudster or engaging in any shady deals as they popularly tag them as ‘yahoo yahoo boys’.
  At least they had nothing me because I am innocent. The officer then asked me ‘what is this’ and I replied saying ‘what sir?’. This guy had gone to playstore to download this hangouts as if it was on my phone originally. I did not know what to say at that point, I was perplexed, I couldn’t say he was responsible for it because it could make him spark and I’ll get beaten up. He then told me to hold my phone and went ahead to check my friend’s phone, he went to text messages and showed us alerts from bank.   
   My friend tried to explain that his parents send monthly allowance to him and all that, these guys weren’t hearing any of it!, also keep in mind that they  were still driving aimlessly looking for other people to raid, so after sometime, the guy on dreads started asking for water  because he was really tired and beaten up, they laughed and told him his case is a special one because he is a ‘G-boy’
In my mind I was thinking what would happen now, I’m inside a car with a yahoo boy, me that doesn’t even give into anyone doing such job, I was getting rest of mind already because they had not put a finger on us and I was still ‘looking handsome and sexy’.   
As we got down, can you imagine what these officers were saying?!, (Fine boy and you people are fresh oo, we like your shoe oo, all this fuse for just one thousand naira. Are not these the same officers who are meant to protect the members of the country and try their best to combat anyone who goes contrary to the constitution but instead they go about abusing the fundamental human right of citizens. As strong as I believe myself to be, I was already having a sense of being traumatized and I have started to totally lose faith in this country but I saw it as an eye opener to some certain governmental institutions which is the basic root of corruption in Nigeria. So as we were trying to navigate our way still to the hangout, we saw our UBER driver who followed the car we were taken with by the SARS officers, I was kind of impressed that he bothered to look after us as we were in their vehicle and was concerned about our well being. But this UBER driver did not stop the car the whole time we were inside the car the SARS officers took us in, that meant our bill was still running. Seems he was keen on the money, well it all boils down to the mess this country is seeing, thank God for life and basically be guided".

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