Journalism which is widely seen as the conscience of the society has unfortunately turned Nigeria media outlets as bunch of liars, deceits and character assassins. 

This judgement stems from the blatant compromise the supposed reputable profession has become in Nigeria where journalists have wittingly traded their professional calling for thuggery and frivolities. Practice of journalism in Nigeria has always courted great controversies most especially, as it relates to ethical regulation and adherence to professional precepts.

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Journalism is an estimated profession that has quite a lot to offer in reforming the society but unfortunately in Nigeria, that salient career has become an all-comers affair. It is a pack full of faithlessness, knavishness, falsehood, unfairness, gangsterism, disingenuousness, fraudulence, deception, treachery, craftiness, perfidiousness, unscrupulousness, without probity and destitute of integrity.

The shameful inability of Vanguard Newspapers, Channel Television and their likes, to comprehensively report events concerning the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra-related issues devoid of lies and bias, have clearly shown that professional journalism in Nigeria is dead. It has been turned into a profession for politicians, terrorists, imbeciles, liars and deceivers.
It is very mischievous for Vanguard Newspapers and Channels Television to deceitfully report to the global community that those who came to commiserate with Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor on the death and burial of his elder brother, Reverend Chukwukpelum Ejiofor, killed Nigerian policemen and set their vehicle ablaze. Could it be established therefore, that those sympathizers came visiting with machetes and guns?
The man occupying Aso Rock as the Nigerian President and Fulani/APC cabals have succeeded in turning a group of Nigerian journalists to robots that could be manipulated at will. They have made newspaper houses mere appendixes to their evil policies and practices, thereby giving the revelation that the number of fake journalists in the country far outweighs the real practitioners. This is most painful, demeaning and embarrassing. It portrays journalists as hungry beggars and irresponsible lots where in reality, genuine and untainted ones have remained at the frontline of democratic re-order through the instrumentality of doggedness and abrasiveness. 

An American critic - Dean Rosco Pound, once wrote: "every profession is governed by certain rules and the absence of such rules, makes it a vocation". Journalism in Nigeria has ultimately lost it's bearing because what is being dished out as news, has become toxins.

Vanguard Newspapers, Channel Television and others in their fold, should humbly learn that in representing the people, they should fully understand the life wire of the society. They should carry out their duties without bias and amassing of wealth through mortgaging the well-being of the people, for the crass egocentric interests of Buhari and his company of Fulani cum APC cabals.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere N.
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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