Three of my best friends are pregnant for my husband while I'm pregnant for his brother - lady cries out

Joro olumofin

My husband presently has put my three best friends, Sola, Zizi and Kate in the family way.

Let me explain my husband's background. He's a sailor and works for one of the best shipping companies in the world, highly travelled, very handsome.
In the past he has been accused of putting so many women in the.  family way.

He would settle them off and continue his activities. My husband happens to come every 9 months from his sojourn abroad.
The last time my husband came around he decided to change my car to a whole new whip and invited friends for the coverage of the surprise gift.

It was a Porche so I guess the hype was called for.
Now my husband has built at least six houses for me and my family members and I presently have a shopping mall at the Island, he earns at least 40k pounds monthly excluding allowances.
Money has never been his problem and he has treated me very well. But for the six years of our marriage, we have no kids between us.
My mum and his family have been pressurizing me to give birth.
My husband never cared about my inability to have a child.
Anyway, in summary, my husband that day met my three closest friends whom I have always kept off from him.
Like he got hold of their numbers and one thing led to another and now the three claim to be carrying his child.
When I confirmed the story I approached my husband and he told me not to bother that they just wanted the money that he was not responsible and was sorry for sleeping at all with them.
I contacted his younger brother about the events ongoing and he told me a deeper secret that I was dumbfounded, he told me how my husband is infertile and can not have kids due to a result of this . He said that was why I was unable to have a child all these years. When I pointed to the fact that three of my friends claim to be carrying his baby and so many others he said they only probably knew his secret and using it as a blackmail.

The brother professed his love to me that night and we made love.
I was mad at myself but my inner mind wanted me to pay my husband back.
Now am carrying a baby for my husband's brother.
What do I do? Dump my caring husband for the brother because if I tell my husband am pregnant he would know I still cheated.
Or should I continue living with my husband and have other relationships outside?
Lastly, my husband's brother is willing to marry me if he knows am carrying his baby because he loves me even more than my husband loves me.

I have enough riches to start my life afresh please what advice can your fans offer me.

Please let's drop our advice bearing in mind that she is reading every comment


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