Where did it go wrong for Orji Uzo Kalu? Read More

Where did it go wrong for Orji Uzo Kalu?

This was the day they tied bed sheet on his head in Daura. That day after tying His head with bed sheet they proclaimed him Dan Baiwan (gifted child) Of Daura. Enwe like him. 

when they were using him to get our leader to betray the struggle he never envisaged it would get to this. I'm sure that time they also promised him Igbo presidency. 

Owode-Onirin Market guts fire and destroys 15 shops in Lagos 

Today another Hausa-fulani, Justice Mohammed Idris sentenced Kalu, to Almost 133years imprisonment. But he will serve 12years.

Justice Idris sentenced OUK to five years imprisonment each from counts one to 11.

Three years each from counts 23 to 33. 

He was also sentenced to 12 years each, from counts 34 to 38 and five years on count 39.

The total sentence is 133 years imprisonment, but he would be serving 12 years.

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