Is it possible for cheating partners to change?

Is there any chance that a partner who once cheated will ever change?
So your partner cheated on you and let me guess, It was devastating; like being kicked in the gut. You cannot feed well or function effectively at your workplace, You were up all night crying, with so much mucus blocking your nostrils and eyes all swollen.
This particular ordeal can  create so much painful memories that you’ve sworn never to be in a relationship anymore!  Being cheated on can be disheartening but the question still looms; “Is once a cheater always a cheater?”.
Now, let’s fastidiously go through this research that has shown that 22% of men and 13% of women in marriage, with a rise in number when it comes to dating, have affairs.
Also according to this research, couples who describe themselves as happy with their relationships have affairs! When people say; ” Once a cheater, always a cheater, they deeply underestimate people’s ability to change" A couple therapist once said.

Most of the people  who say a cheater can never change most likely have never felt the awful guilt that comes when you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake by having a one night stand or an affair and they tend to forget that these people in question are also humans bound to mistakes and changes too.
Given how many of us have been affected by infidelity, its worth exploring our beliefs about cheaters and their capacity for change!
Does a cheater change?
Well here's the good news: They do! Many people who are in committed relationships and have decent chemistry and benefit from both partners can actually work out of the crisis of affairs.
Aside from that, their relationship can also become stronger and much more fun too! So learn to give your partner a chance to change because it's been statistically proven that,
Once a cheater is not always a cheater!
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